Blog a Day 293of365: Favourite action movie

Such an easy question to answer. It has to be Die Hard.

Die Hard offers everything you could want in an action film. Lots and lots of ridiculous action, cheesy one liners, a convincing yet over the top villain and Bruce Willis. The only thing it really lacks is a car chase scene but I’ll forgive it for that because it’s awesome otherwise.

Bruce Willis can’t really act, especially not these days if he has hair in the role. In Die Hard, he’s perfect as John McClane though. He’s cool, he’s the King of one liners and he’s bordering on indestructible. He can walk across glass without collapsing in a heap of agony. He can take being beaten to within an inch of his life, yet is still able to turn the tables and win in the end.

Alan Rickman is wonderfully over the top in his role as Hans Gruber. He doesn’t bother trying to act, he just hams it up and loves every second. He’s a panto villain essentially with an array of nearly never ending henchmen. It’s almost a shame when he inevitably dies. Except of course he’s pure fucking evil and we want him to die.

To top it all off, Die Hard is even a Christmassy film. Well, kind of. Bizarrely it still gets you into the spirit for Christmas. I guess there’s nothing like getting you in the mood than watching a load of terrorists get shot by a gung ho American maverick. Erm, yes.

Pure, unadulterated awesome.

One Thought to “Blog a Day 293of365: Favourite action movie”

  1. I sometimes wish I was more into movies. It’s not that I’m not interested, I just end up never bothering. When I have some free time to burn, my choices run 1) games 2) TV boxsets and a distant 3) movies.

    I like Die Hard though. Only seen it once, but I did enjoy it.

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