Blog a Day 292of365: Inspiration from Twitter

I wasn’t sure what to write about for my OneADay so I turned to Twitter for inspiration.

@Kineticboom suggested hats because they ‘rock’ – the second person today to tell me that hats rock. They do indeed but I don’t really wear hats. As a kid I used to collect baseball caps for some bizarre reason. Now I only really have a Washington Redskins cap and a couple of Chicago Bears ones. That’s as much as I can contribute to the whole ‘hats rock’ thing. Sorry.

Fellow Welsh person @Chrisevoevans suggested I write about the joys of being called Welsh. Note, not the joys of being Welsh. I’m not technically Welsh you see. I’ve lived in Wales since I was 3 but I have a distinct South English accent. I was a stubborn child and both my parents are/were English born – my Dad from North London and my Mum from Reading. So I kept my awful Hampshire-ish accent. It’s a funny business as it means when I’m in the South East of England, people assume I’m from there when instead I wander round blindly like a Welsh tourist. These days people round here assume I’ve got a ‘posh’ Welsh accent so that’s fine, but when I was a kid it was questioned more often. It’d be excellent if I could actually pronounce Welsh words though. I can’t and it’s a pain frequently. I can attempt most but none of them sound right.

@Ashtonraze suggested I write something a bit like his speed dating/gaming piece at Gamewaste but I didn’t have the time to do that tonight. Maybe another time though as it’s an excellent idea.

Last but never least, @SamdyBrown suggested writing about inspiration, what inspires me and why. Quite appropriate considering I was lacking inspiration! Usually in terms of OneADays, I’m inspired by things that have happened today, or when my mind wanders off in some strange direction. Sometimes I’m inspired by news stories but I felt it a bit unfair on everyone to rant and rave about the stupid Tory government cutting everything possible, so I didn’t. In terms of games writing, I’m inspired by things that occur in the games I play and sometimes just random things popping into my head. My motivation? The sense of satisfaction having finished writing a piece I’m proud of. Ding, achievement unlocked and all that.

Cheers all for the ideas!