Blog a Day 290of365: Ch – ch – ch – changes

I kind of want to write about things. To voice them to someone would be handy even if no one commented. For now though, I think I’ll keep my cards close to my chest. I say for now, I expect there to be the aforementioned changes in the coming days. Big steps to take that are equally exciting and scary. I’m probably being excessively melodramatic admittedly but I haven’t taken a leap in a long while. Maybe that’s a good sign. Maybe that means I’m more mentally able to do so rather than before.

It’s only a small leap I guess. Clearly, people are reading this with no clue what I’m going on about probably. Annoying when the blogger is so vague eh?

I haven’t even got to the part where something more positive is playing on my mind.

Ahh what am I going on about? I sound like such an emo blogger sometime.

Anyway, what’s the next part of the 30 days film thingy? Favourite movie from your favorite actor/actress.

Right then. Toughy. Who is my favourite actor/actress? That entirely depends on my mood.

For shallowness, it’d be Robert Downey Jr or Bradley Cooper. Maybe even Daniel Craig too actually.

For quirky humour based reasons, it’d be Simon Pegg.

For ‘always consistently brilliant’, Meryl Streep or Kevin Spacey.

For ‘I used to think he was a **** but now realise he’s brilliant’, Leonardo DiCaprio.

So what film?

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang/Iron Man or The Hangover or Layer Cake/Casino Royale.

Shaun of the Dead.

Manhattan or American Beauty.

Inception (I haven’t seen The Basketball Diaries or What’s Eating Gilbert Grape yet).

That covers a fair few recent favourite films too. It’s also made me realise I forgot Cary Grant, and thus Arsenic and Old Lace.

Lots of choices then.