Blog a Day 28of365: This is an ex PS3, it has ceased to be

So my Playstation 3 died today. Not the whole thing, just the Blu-ray drive. It was all a bit of a surprise really. I’m tempted to blame Gerard Butler though.

I last used it Tuesday to watch Gamer, well 30 minutes of Gamer at least. It seems a shame that such a terrible film finished off my Blu-ray drive. Maybe it was my PS3’s way of rebelling against such atrocities to cinema.

Anyway, I spent this morning sitting in a hospital waiting room while my Mum went through various tests as a pre-operation assessment. It was surprisingly nerve wracking as she was also being told what would be involved which was all a bit scary.

By the time I got home I was knackered so eventually settled on watching a film for the afternoon. Coraline being the best idea. Stuck it in the PS3 and the screen went blank upon loading. I had to unplug the PS2 to reset it and try again. Hmm maybe it’s a dodgy rental copy (never experienced a dodgy Blu-ray but I’m assuming they exist!), tried The Ugly Truth. Nope, same again. Ok I’ll try Casino Royale, I know that works fine. Bugger, black screen.

Getting increasingly desperate I tried Batman: Arkham Asylum. To the PS3’s credit it did try to load the game, then it froze. Bugger, bugger, bugger.

Two phone calls to PS3 support later and it’s being picked up Tuesday to be repaired. Should have it back in 1-3 weeks. I’m really hoping it’s not too long. Now that the option isn’t there, all I want to do is play Uncharted or even Killzone 2. And watch Blu-rays, aargh so many Blu-rays! Over the last few months (mostly thanks to trade in credit at work and Borders closing) I’ve accrued quite a few films that I want to see in glorious hi-definition. Namely The Dark Knight, Goodfellas, Layer Cake, Watchmen, Zodiac and erm….The Midnight Meat Train (I won it ok, I didn’t choose to buy it).

Rather gutted that my PS3 is only 6 months old though. I ordered it the day I broke my foot, an attempt to stop me going completely insane (it almost worked). Even my 360 has lasted longer (at around 14 months currently) despite much heavier usage.

Oh well, who needs hi-definition film goodness eh.

2 thoughts on “Blog a Day 28of365: This is an ex PS3, it has ceased to be

  1. Rachel

    Ouch. Hope the repair time is nearer the one week mark… I’d hate to be without ours for that long!

  2. Russell

    Thats a pain. A mate of mine has just got his back from Sony. It was a drive fault as well.

    My brother recently had the RROD on his 360. He got 2 months LIVE free when his had been repaired. I wonder what Sony give you.

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