Blog a Day 289of365: Game Dev Story

I’ve hardly been on my PC today. It’s nearly been bliss. Nearly because I spent part of the day at work and I’m feeling increasingly disenchanted by the whole thing. Predictably it’s affecting my enthusiasm for most things in my life which is not good at all.

Anyway, excluding the work part, it was nice to get away from the PC for a bit. I spend so much of my life in front of it after all.

Not even the 360 or PS3 were turned on today, although the iPhone was rather heavily played. The game? Game Dev Story. The most addictive game I have played in a very long time. I very nearly didn’t buy it. The cheapskate in me thought ‘£2.39? Bit pricey for an iPhone game’ but I trusted in KiltedMoose and ViralNinja’s opinions and risked it.

That was at 10am. I was lying in bed planning to turn the 360 on and finish off Mafia 2. The next minute it was 12.30pm and I realised I should probably get up.

It’s so, so very good. The iTunes blurb sums it up really and I’m tired, so y’know, just buy it.

Just don’t play it for ‘just five minutes’. Hours will go oh so very quickly.

Short entry for tonight, I’m off to bed as I’ve got to get up to go to a meeting at work at 9am tomorrow morning…yes even though I was at work there till 10.30pm tonight. Ugh. Low maintenance part time job you say? Yeah right.

Must resist turning on Game Dev story in bed!