Blog a Day 288of365: Favourite movie based on a book/comic/etc

This is a tough one. There are a lot of good films based on books and comics. I think I’m going to go with my favourite, what with it saying that in the question and all.

That film is Iron Man.

Love it.

I loved the cartoon as part of the Marvel Action Hour when I was a kid. I loved the idea of it all and generally love all comic book adaptations. Love watching Robert Downey Jr too so it makes for a good combination.

I’ve watched it a fair few times. It’s the film I watch when I’m feeling down and want something mindless to cheer me up. It offers some excellent action set pieces as well as quick witted humour and general fun.

I’ve currently got the Iron Man 1 and 2 Blu-ray boxset pre-ordered which I’m particularly looking forward to.

I should probably read the Iron Man comics at some point. I’ve read lots of the X-Men and the Fantastic Four but somehow never got round to Iron Man.

On another note though, I received the book of Shutter Island for my birthday and I’m looking forward to seeing what that’s like compared to the film. I was a big fan of the film but admittedly didn’t realise the book was first!

I also really need to see To Kill a Mockingbird one day. Absolutely loved the book.

Ahh so many films, so many books. So little time.

2 Thoughts to “Blog a Day 288of365: Favourite movie based on a book/comic/etc”

  1. Karl Moon

    If you want to watch To Kill a Mockingbird, play The Darkness. Two awesomes in one package!

  2. Yeah Iron Man is excellent. Probably my second favourite comic book film. Dark Knight is the cream of the crop though.

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