Blog a Day 287of365: The night out

So last night was a good night indeed.

As lightweight as it sounds, I read through my OneADay from yesterday and only had a very faint recollection of writing it. I was impressed that I’d spelt everything correctly but yeah, well, it does read a little strangely doesn’t it?

I don’t tend to drink. I have to be in the exact right mood for it, and I’m only ever a social drinker. The last alcoholic drink I had before last night was sometime in April.

Last night could have gone fairly badly. Lots of people couldn’t make it. When I phoned round yesterday morning to confirm with the two really keen people – one was still keen but the other had nearly cancelled because he had a big work meeting in the morning and couldn’t drink. Fortunately he still came. He probably drank more than he should have too but he must have survived his meeting as he’s been playing on his Xbox tonight.

It looked like it was going to be a quiet evening. A quiet drink, a meal, hopefully the two friends would get on fine with each other. All very polite until we went our separate ways and that was that. Instead the three of us all clicked perfectly and we had a brilliant time full of some intelligent conversation which quickly descended into drunken conversation.

My friends, being good friends, were all too keen to encourage me to drink more. Regularly supplying me with drinks. I remember every time I went to go to the toilets, the stairs were harder and harder to traverse. It was fine though. By the time we got to the third place, one of my friends turned to me to ask me what I wanted to drink, looked at me and just said ‘I think you want a soft drink now’. I was good, I had water.

That’s the odd thing about me and possibly why I never have hangovers. A tiny bit of sense remains in my head and I stop, switching to water or coke for a bit. As I drank the water, I started feeling distinctly sleepy. For a time I just sat on a sofa looking at my two friends quietly feeling content with the moment.

Content moments are frequently hard to find, at least for me, but I felt it. Even sober, I suspect I’d have felt content. I felt young again with few worries and simply relaxed. I think I need to feel that more often. It’s left me with a spring in my step today.

Definitely must do it again with those friends. They’re good friends. One of my oldest friends of nearly 20 years and one of my newest at less than a year. I hope they’re both in my life for a long time to come.

3 thoughts on “Blog a Day 287of365: The night out

  1. Pete Davison

    It’s great when you find friends like that. And you can’t look for them. They just sort of “happen”.

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