Oooh tricky one. I’m not really a ‘look at me, I’m so niche’ sort of person. However I’d probably go with either any of Woody Allen’s films or The Brothers Bloom.

Woody Allen might seem like a strange one. You’ve all heard of him right? Of course you have. It’s a tad worrying however the amount of people I know locally who don’t. While I’m not someone who thinks ‘OMG best director ever’, I do think that some of his films (mostly the earlier ones) are well worth a watch. Annie Hall in particular is just plain fantastic. Yet worryingly, for snobby me at least, there are people who don’t even know the film let alone have seen it.

The Brothers Bloom is a bit of a flawed little film starring Adrien Brody and Mark Ruffalo. One that never actually reached my local Vue but did reach my local arty cinema for one night only. It’s good fun and utterly charming.

The local arty cinema brings me around to the problem that resides where I live. The Vue really doesn’t bother with anything but the biggest of films. Which is fine most of the time but what about those little gems that don’t make it there and thus don’t make as much money? Some of them deserve it of course but others should be seen by more people.

Actually, Colin is a film that people really should see. It’s a very, very low budget zombie film. It only cost £40 to make and it shows. But it’s a curosity that deserves some attention. I’ve seen a lot worse films that cost a lot more than that. Did I mention it’s a zombie film from the zombie’s perspective? You can buy it on DVD in most good – and rubbish – stores. Do buy it.

I briefly met the Director at the showing as he’s a local guy. Seemed an absolutely lovely bloke. Wish I’d had the nerve to talk to him more. So yeah, go see it.

Blog a Day 285of365: A movie that you wish more people would’ve seen