Blog a Day 284of365: Lazy day

I’ve been fairly lazy today which is why the late One A Day. I kept putting it off for the sake of laziness.

I say I’ve been lazy, I’ve also been quite productive.

I had a job interview today. It was a job I didn’t know a huge amount about such as what hours were required. Now that I do, I don’t think I want it anyway. The hours are just as variable as where I am now and it’d be a more pressured work environment. I don’t want to jump out of the fat and into the frying pan. I want set hours so never mind then. Bit deflating nonetheless though.

As well as this, I also went out and bought a pair of jeans. I absolutely hate clothes shopping and am a bit of an insecure mess with it all so this was a big accomplishment. Hurrah for me though.

Oh and I bought Assassin’s Creed 2 for £9.99. Not bad at all.

I think that was about all the useful things for today. Although I did also play quite a lot of Mafia II. It was very nice to play a game solely for fun. Yup it’s flawed. There is probably too much driving in it and I can already see how the story’s going to go horribly wrong in its direction. But I enjoy it. It’s fun and makes a pleasant change.

So yeah, an interesting, quiet day. I wish I felt cheerier about things though but c’est la vie. I know what I need to change and I’m trying. I hate being stuck in a rut.