Blog a Day 283of365: The forthcoming week

I need to blog but I can’t be bothered.

I’m tired and, simply put, my mind is devoid of anything. I’m enjoying it being devoid of anything too. I even slept reasonably well last night! There are a few things ahead this week that will require my brain so I’m going to enjoy the mindlessness while it’s possible.

It’s been a good weekend. The sort of weekend where you re-assess things and realise just how useful free time actually is. It turns out that people are right. It is rejuvenating. Who’d have thought it eh?

I had a lovely afternoon with family and gained a Bolt cuddly toy and a copy of Mafia II. And a ridiculous quantity of chocolate cake. Yay!

So what does this week bring then?


Writing and a fair amount of it
My Final Fantasy XIV review going live and inevitably suffering some form of abuse – did I mention that I sometimes hate reviewing MMOs?
A job interview for a job that I know scarily little about thanks to the ad simply saying they were looking for someone and no clue as to hours etc
One last ditch attempt to win my Msc appeal
A night out with friends involving much alcohol
I’ll play games for fun but not as much as I’d have liked to
I’ll be self deprecating and/or negative at least twice
Lots of ‘proper’ cooking as I finally have a series of evenings free and can spend time cooking, thus restocking the freezer like a nearly normal grown up.

Other than that, who knows what will happen.

Let’s hope it’s a good one!….It won’t be. *scratches off one certainty*