Blog a Day 281of365: 4 day weekend

The 4 day weekend starts here apparently. Well technically there are only 3 days left of it but you get the idea.

I don’t really feel enthralled by the idea of my birthday tomorrow still. Instead I had my brief meltdown earlier whereby I got angry at everything including the fact that the washing up gloves had a hole in them and I couldn’t find the scrubbing brush. I don’t mean a bit rattled either, I mean proper explosion. I’m generally fairly mild mannered which is probably the problem. Anger is the one sign of grief I haven’t really done. Every now and then it reappears in an unhealthy wave. Still, c’est la vie. As long as I don’t go mad and stab someone with a fork or anything.

I’m feeling calmer now but not keen for my birthday. Daft really. You’d think I’d have got the hang of these things by now. It seems not.

On a lighter note though, today was quite nice. I had some work to finish off in the morning which rolled halfway through the afternoon but then the time was mine. So I went to the cinema to see Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps which was excellent before settling in front of the TV to watch nonsense while eating a rocky road pudding. Yeah I know how to live, I know.

Tomorrow will be my birthday and will consist of the local produce market – with a marshmallow and nutella crepe hopefully – then opening presents then….I don’t know really.

Sunday is spent with my Aunt and Uncle and cousins.

The night out with workmates and friends is Wednesday which is something to look forward to.

Not bad eh? Now just to feel enthused!