Blog a Day 280of365: Something to be excited about

I’ve been running around like a headless chicken today – a common theme admittedly.

I’m aiming to have a long weekend for my birthday. It’s not quite going to happen. Tomorrow morning I have to finish a review. I simply ran out of time today although did manage to formulate some pretty comprehensive notes.

After that though, I’m free. From writing work until Tuesday. And from the retail day job? Next Saturday it seems!

The cynic in me suspects that this is a form of punishment. You see I’ve dared to take 3 weekends off in a row. I say 3 weekends…what that actually comes down to is the Saturday and Sunday of one weekend, the Saturday of the second weekend and this coming weekend: the full Friday to Sunday. I’d already been berated for it and I thought ‘tough’.

I took no holidays during the summer holidays, nor have I taken a week or two off like everyone else in the store (I don’t blame them though!) has this year. Instead I’ve chosen to take some weekends off in off peak season. My previous manager would have understood this and agreed with my holidays when he was about. Of course he isn’t now.

I’m a cynic and it might not be the case but as everyone else is working 20+ hours next week and I’m on 8, I’m not so sure.

Do I care though? Of course not! I’m ecstatic instead.

I’ve got 8 days off! I’ve got 8 evenings off in which I can spend time cooking properly instead of eating whatever’s quick to make. Or I can spend that time playing Fifa 11, or watching films or….you get the idea. I get a break.

I’ve got that time to fully focus on my writing once more and get my head together. Simply put, I’ve got time to be me again!

I have extraordinarily mixed feelings regarding my birthday. I have done so since my Dad died. I’m sure it’ll be good but it’ll be difficult also.

But the idea of 8 days without retail? Now that’s something I can be excited about!