Blog a Day 279of365: A movie that disappointed you the most

Catching up on the 30 days of film thing, we come to A movie that disappointed you the most.

This one is quite easy actually. I saw The Soloist the other night and was hugely underwhelmed. I’d been looking forward to seeing it since it came out at the cinema. It looked interesting and I figured with two good actors in it that it should be a strong film. Finally I got a chance to see it Monday night.

Oh so very disappointing.

One of its main flaws was that nothing really happened in it. Now, I’m not someone who has to have explosions or anything. One of my favourite films is Lost in Translation and absolutely nothing happens in that. So I guess what I mean is that nothing really happened in it and what did, I didn’t find interesting.

I didn’t find it interesting because the acting was poor. Neither Jamie Foxx or Robert Downey Jr showed off their acting prowess. Foxx I haven’t really seen in anything great but having seen Chaplin, I know Downey Jr can do it. I felt nothing for either character though which ultimately meant that I didn’t care what happened.

I hoped that the film would show just how awful being homeless and schizophrenic must be. It didn’t.

I kept watching hoping for something to convince me this was a good way to spend two hours. It never did.

A wasted evening and a very disappointing time.

1 thought on “Blog a Day 279of365: A movie that disappointed you the most

  1. Sam

    I completely, totally agree about The Soloist – a film I was looking forward to seeing but ended up completely boring me. So much so, in fact, that I watched it across two evenings, because I fell asleep – very unusual for me when I’m watching a film I haven’t seen before!

    Watch Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang instead, if you’re hankering for Robert Downey Jr action 🙂

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