Blog a Day 276of365: Weekly roundup

It’s time for a weekly roundup. I’ve been called to work earlier than anticipated and I feel thoroughly disheartened at the prospect. In fact, while I whinge about my day job woes and mutter about how desperately I want to be able to leave, I’m going to point you to the right of this.

I’ve added ads. I know they’re horrible but I’ve tried to make them less horrible. I know they’ll make me precious pennies, if that. But to say I need the money is an understatement. I need the money to get out of my job which both makes me terribly down, and more importantly – is getting in the way of my writing and any hope of me actually making it in the writing world.

I don’t actually know how many people read this out of boredom and how many people actually care about what I write, but if you care, please do try to click every once in a while 🙂 Obviously only if it interests you though!

Anyway, I’ll save the truly self indulgent whinge for another day. I haven’t even seen my work rota for this coming week as when I was last in work on Thursday night, the rota for Monday to Sunday hadn’t been done. Organised eh?

So, I started the week with a ringtone application. It wasn’t bad admittedly but perhaps a little plain to really talk about in an interesting manner:

RingToneMaker Pro is a very simple tool to use. It might not be an app that you use very frequently but when you do, it comes in real handy.

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Then there was Axe in Face, an excellent little app that’s great fun and deserves your money!

You play Red Beard, a Viking who is extremely passionate about his daffodils. It’s down to you to ensure that Red Beard’s daffodils aren’t trampled by those pesky Viking hordes who have no understanding of the importance of horticulture. It’s simple to stop them – throw an axe in their direction. To do this you simply draw a line across the screen and the axe follows that trajectory.

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Then came Recettear: An Item Shop’s Tale, another game that strongly deserves your money.

Besides writing words such as these, I (unfortunately) work part time in retail. It’s sometimes fine, sometimes soul destroyingly dull and almost always a hard slog. It pays the bills and funds my gaming habit though which is the main thing. So we come to my ’spare’ time and I’m playing Recettear a game about running a shop in a JRPG world. On the surface it’s a little too close to reality for my liking. Of course it’s much deeper than that, and in real life I don’t have to dungeon crawl in order to find suitable wares to sell in my store. Instead I label lots of items and quietly long for the day when I can say goodbye to the many, many stickers I deal with.

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Another ringtone app this time. Again functional, again not very interesting to read about I fear.

AutoRingTone Pro Text to Speech Ringtones is an incredibly long title for a very simple tool; basically, it allows you to create your own ringtones. Unlike RingToneMaker Pro though, it converts text to speech rather than making music clips for your ringtone. It’s very quirky and there’s no denying that you’ll have an unique ringtone compared to everyone else.

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A rather delayed review next, Super Mario Galaxy 2. You can guess what I made of it I think!

So much has already been said about Super Mario Galaxy 2 it’s hard to know where to begin. In the interest of originality, I’d love to be terribly controversial and critical of the tubby plumber but I can’t be. It’d be a huge disservice to Mario, and worse still, utterly wrong of me. Instead I’m going to have to accept it; Super Mario Galaxy 2 is the King.

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Finally a guest slot at MidlifeGamer with a review of Hybrid 2: Saga of Nostalgia.

Hybrid 2: Saga of Nostalgia reminded me a lot of the Streets of Rage series. I loved Streets of Rage. I still play the second instalment every once in a while. I love RPGs too so the combination of RPG elements and hack ‘n’ slash gameplay that Hybrid 2 offers is right up my street.

Full review

Anyway, I’m off to enjoy a precious slice of my Sunday before work. Sorry about the ads again and all.