Blog a Day 275of365: *yawns again*

Ohhh I’m tired. I’ll tell you just how tired I was last night. I just reread my OneADay from last night as I had no idea what I’d written!

I went to bed shortly after that. I remember getting into bed and turning the TV on. My next memory was waking up and it was daylight. My TV was still on and the PS3 was still quietly whirring away. It was now 9.30am. Oh.

I turned everything off and went back to sleep for another 2 hours. Bliss. I’ve played some Guitar Hero and Fifa. Caught up with my emails. Went to an 8 year old’s birthday party. All is now *yawns* well.

I both envy and don’t envy my friends who are at the Expo all weekend. I envy them because they’re no doubt having a fantastically fun and productive time. I don’t envy them because if this is how tired I am after only Thursday night and Friday, they’re going to be running on empty very, very soon.

Having had such a good time, I’ve been reminded how nice it is to do good things. I’m now even more keen to get out of the day job which is currently hanging over me like a noose. I need to up my game (pun not intended) I think and try to earn myself some more money doing the thing I love. Now to figure out a plan of action!

On a similar note, my To Do list for this week appears to be awfully long and I don’t even know what hours I’m working yet. Aargh, please don’t be another 20+ hours week in retail please. You’re meant to be a low maintenance part time job, damnit!