Blog a Day 274of365: *yawns*

I am beyond tired. The last ounce of willpower is being used to write this.

It’s my latest OneADay yet as I’m writing this at 1.37am but I haven’t slept yet so it’s fine.

I’ve been in London since Thursday afternoon for the London Games Festival launch party and the first day of the Eurogamer Expo. It was suitably awesome with plenty of games to play and plenty of people to meet up with. I’ll write more about it tomorrow or Sunday, both in the professional previewing sense and in the ‘yay I met friends’ sense.

For now though, I’m really rather tired. I’ve been travelling for many hours, the cat was so excited to see my return that he was sick and I’m about ready for bed really!

I say this…..I’m looking at the copy of Fifa 11 that my Mum very kindly picked up for me earlier in Asda. It’s quite tempting. I probably won’t though, I’m just too tired to do it justice.

That and I might well wake up with an Xbox 360 controller stuck to my forehead which is never good.

Oh and my foot hurts. Ow, bloody ow.

Anyway, time for bed. This entry is making very little sense to me, let alone anyone else. Goodbye structure.

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