Blog a Day 273of365: Travelling

This is a very quick OneADay as I’m leaving for London shortly and I haven’t even packed yet. D’oh.

I hate packing. Plus I overslept and had a frankly bizarre dream that is making me ponder things. So I’m all out of kilter.

I used to love travelling but I don’t so much now. I get far too nervous about it all even though I know I shouldn’t.

I’m off to the London Games Festival launch party tonight and then the Eurogamer Expo tomorrow. Then a coach back to Swansea.

It’ll be knackering but hopefully it’ll be excellent too. I never get to go to the launch parties usually so this is a big deal for me!

I’ll feel a lot more relaxed once I’m on my way though. The prospect of getting on a bus in London by myself is a bit eek inducing too. Yes I am a wimp I know. I’m not used to the big city and all that 😉 I’m used to quaint little Swansea!

Anyway I’d best go. I really need to pack!