Blog a Day 271of365: A very boring entry

It’s tough to know what to write about when you’ve had an evening as boring as I have.

I rearranged DVDs for a good few hours, fun eh?

On two shelves were around 1,000 DVDs (and I’m not exaggerating), all in completely random order. It was down to me (because I was a fool and volunteered) to get them into alphabetical order and to make them look lovely and tidy. Or at least as lovely and tidy as a pile of DVDs could be.

I decided to break it down into sections. A workmate had previously told me that it was better to work in reverse order so I settled on that. I set to work and first divided up all 1,000 DVDs into two piles: one that covered A-L, the other M-Z. One pile went next to one shelf, the other, well you get the idea.

Then I decided to pick out the first/last three letters: X, Y and Z and stuck them in a pile. Then I divided them up into each letter and rearranged each pile alphabetically. Then I stuck 4-5 on each row and so on. Ad nasueum really. The only ones to deviate from that path were S and C. They formed huge piles that were awkward to alphabetise further so again I regressed back to splitting into two piles.

Boring to read isn’t it? That’s what I did between 6pm and 10pm tonight. There was a 30 minute ‘break’ whereby I tidied up the rest of the store during a busy period. Other than that, that was it.

It was tedious. Possibly beyond tedious if such a thing is possible.

I need a new job.

1 thought on “Blog a Day 271of365: A very boring entry

  1. Pete Davison

    Some people choose to do this at home. For fun. Well, maybe not for fun. Although it might be for fun.

    I like having an organised DVD/games shelf. But I don’t have a thousand of either!

    DISCLAIMER: This comment in no way intended to guilt you into commenting on my blog more, despite what you just tweeted at me. I was about to comment anyway. 😀

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