Blog a Day 272of365: A landmark day

A landmark day

Today is a landmark day. You may sensibly wonder what I mean by this.

It means that I very, very nearly forgot to write this. Eeek. shock horror etc. It’s been a rather busy day today you see. And also one that I would have preferred to have buried my head in the sand for the most part.

Thus I nearly forgot.

Right down to the point where I was just getting into bed when I suddenly thought ‘aaaaaaaargh OneADay!!!!’ and panicked.

So I got out of bed and here I am typing this. Hurriedly.

Not really caring what I actually say in fact because it’s just out of principle that I vow to finish this and blog today.

I’m in London tomorrow and Friday. Entries will be written, no matter what.

Still though, I nearly forgot. Eeek. Can’t be forgetting now! I’m so near to the end after all!

Anyway, g’night