Blog a Day 269of365: Weekly roundup

It’s the end of a very busy weekend. I feel rather drained despite it being fun. It feels like I’ve got a long week ahead of me which is somewhat true. So without further ado, it’s weekly roundup/weekly cop out time…

First up was a review of MovieCat! on the iPhone. It’s a movie trivia game, it’s far too addictive too. I really enjoyed it.

It might sound corny but I had trouble putting MovieCat! down. That’s how much it hooked me. It’s a movie trivia game, so of course if you don’t like movies, you won’t like this. If you’re a huge film buff like me, though, you will absolutely adore it.

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Another iPhone review, this time RingToneMaker Pro. Bit of a dry app to discuss in a review admittedly.

RingToneMaker Pro is a very simple tool to use. It might not be an app that you use very frequently but when you do, it comes in real handy.

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Back to bulkier titles, I reviewed Dragon Quest IX for VideogameUK.

Dragon Quest IX is full of juxtaposition and contrasts. It’s familiar to veterans of the series yet different. It’s welcoming to casual newcomers, yet never condescending to old hands. It offers an extraordinarily social multiplayer while not at the detriment of the single player mode. It’s a tricky formula to master but it really does work. It’s the everyman of the DS RPG world and worthy of a place in anyone’s collection.

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Then the big one of the week, Dead Rising 2. Please do go read it, it took up a lot of time and effort!

I’m staring at this document trying to figure out where to start. There’s so much that I want to say about Dead Rising 2 that it’d be very easy to just splurge on the page with no rhyme or reason to my order. I could even describe my enjoyment of the game with a graph. The line would start at neutral then drop down to ‘not enjoying’ but then as a bit more time is put in and I gain more experience, the line goes much, much higher. While the first few hours might feel a little rough and ready, especially to those who didn’t play the original, put the effort in and it all clicks magically in your head.

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Finally, although written before the previous review, Dead Rising 2: Case Zero for GamePeople. As per usual, it’s written from my Considered gamer perspective so it’s a bit different from the norm.

Dead Rising Case Zero presents as a zombie death demo for Dead Rising 2, the main event. Underneath however is a tale about the importance of the father/daughter relationship – albeit one with distracting zombie killing all around it.

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And done. *yawns*