Blog a Day 268of365: Dinner party

This very middle clash dinner party thing is a bit knackering isn’t it?

After my very busy week and the arrival of Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock, FFXIV and PES2011, it would have been nice to have had the weekend off. It’s not to be though and today is just part one of two very busy days indeed.

Me and my Mum have family friends over for dinner tonight. We haven’t had people over for dinner since well before my Dad died so it’s quite a big thing. We’ve successfully (hopefully) created a 3 course meal though and it should be nice.

Starter: Peppers stuffed with couscous, onion, tomato and mushroom.
Main: Chicken breast stuffed with goat’s cheese, basil and mushroom with bacon wrapped round it. Served with linguini, new potatoes, mange tout, baby corn and a mushroom sauce.
Dessert: Lemon curd cheesecake.

Not bad eh?

Everything is currently ready to go in the oven as and when needed. I’ve got about 15 minutes before the guests arrive so I’m writing this hurriedly as I expect to be very tired by the time they leave!

I’m sure it’ll be nice but I’ve got a bit of a heavy heart about proceedings as I know my Dad will be missed even more so tonight. Someone will be missing and all that and he was the life and soul of gatherings.

So yeah, wish me luck! I’m a simple sort. I’d probably much rather be sitting in front of the TV with a pizza and a Guitar Hero guitar in my hand 😉