Blog a Day 265of365: Reminiscing about games of last year

This might sound odd but bear with me to start with.

I have fond memories of when I broke my foot. Not the inability to walk or the part where I was trapped in the house and mostly trapped in one room for hours. Or the pain or the loneliness or… get the idea. It sucked. But I did play a hell of a lot of games.

I always play a lot of games but I guess the ones from that period of my life felt more important, they kept me sane after all. I bought my PS3 the day after I broke my foot so that helped hugely too!

So I’m going to ramble about the games I played during that period. I didn’t blog much this time last year so I might as well recap. In no particular order…

Prototype: This was one of the two games I got with my PS3 so understandably it got a lot of play. It’s certainly got its flaws but I loved it. Maybe it was the sense of freedom – something I couldn’t get in reality – that did it for me. Either way, it was great fun but not really a game I can imagine going back to despite never completing it.

Ghostbusters: The other game I got with my PS3. Well, technically I got Terminator Salvation with the PS3 too but I traded that in as soon as I could hop to a games shop having previously played it on the 360. As a huge fan of the films and the cartoon, and still having a toy Ghostbusters station upstairs, this was brilliant. Just the music cheered me up immensely. Not a bad game either. Not as good as the Commodore 64 version but still excellent. Even if later stages were rather infuriating. The advantage of not being able to switch discs myself (I had to rely on my Mum swapping discs for me) meant that I stuck by games for longer than usual so I persevered.

Uncharted 1: Ohhh Uncharted 1. One of the games I bought the PS3 for. Brilliant. Irritating too. The combat/cover system was lacking but I loved the story. Plus Nathan Drake is right up there with George Stobbart as ‘almost hot’ male game characters.

Shatter: The first PS3 downloadable title that I bought, swiftly followed by FF7 despite owning it for the PS1. I love Arkanoid games so this was ideal for me. Even better, I could play it without swapping discs! It kept me sane many a time when my Mum wasn’t about to swap discs.

Valkyria Chronicles: I didn’t give this the attention it deserved. I loved it at first but then I didn’t have the patience for the harder stages. I borrowed it from a friend but I fully intend on buying my own copy at some point.

Heavenly Sword: Borrowed from a friend. Really liked it despite the sixaxis silliness. Looked lovely too. Didn’t complete it though.

LittleBigPlanet: Great little game. One I drop in and out of every now and then. Possibly sacrilege but I kinda prefer the PSP version though. It just seems to work better for me on the small screen.

WET: Not a game I’d have bothered with normally. I bought it impulsively in Tesco not long after it came out. It was at a stage where I could move about more as I had an airboot on my foot so it was nice to get out and about. WET wasn’t very good really but it was decent fun. Didn’t take long to complete either.

Forza 3: Another impulsive Tesco purchase. I liked Forza 2 but Forza 3 wasn’t really on my radar. In the end I put 25 hours into it over the course of 3 days. Then it started to demand too much from me in terms of hours so I stopped. I preferred DiRT2 anyway. Forza 3 felt too clinical for my liking.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2: Ahh good old Modern Warfare. MW2 wasn’t as good as the first one but it passed the time. I hated that snowmobile mission early on though. It took me far too many attempts to succeed at and I just wanted to shoot things. I didn’t really play the multiplayer much. The 360 downstairs wasn’t online and I didn’t really use the online one much during that time.

Halo 3: ODST: I’m no Halo fan. I’ve played them all somehow but I’ve never been hugely bothered by the series. I liked ODST though. The story was intriguing and I much preferred playing someone other than Master Chief. A surprise hit for me indeed.

DiRT2: I loved DiRT2. I loved the trickle of achievements, both literal and the satisfaction of unlocking new things. It was great. So great that I’ve played the 360 version to completion, PC preview build to completion, PC review build and the PS3 version. Love it.

Disney’s Up: A silly game for kids really but it was quite well done and I had good fun with it. Didn’t take long to complete though.

Batman: Arkham Asylum: Finished it twice. Once on the PS3 and once on the 360. Definitely in my top 3 of 2009. It made me want to soak up every Batman graphic novel possible. I haven’t actually collected all the collectibles but I really must go back to it. Can’t wait for the sequel.

Ashes Cricket 2009: I don’t generally do cricket. I quite liked this though. It had the additional pleasure of being the first review copy I’d ever requested from anywhere. Not really much else to say about it because, you know, it’s cricket.

Uncharted 2: Loved, loved, loved this. So very, very much. The story was brilliant. I felt so satisfied by the conclusion. Plenty has already been said about it but oh, I loved it.

Dragon Age Origins: I sunk so many hours into this. Completing as many sidequests as I could find. It was just what I needed at a time in the recovery period as I was slowly going insane with boredom. This gave me so much to do that it didn’t feel quite so bad. Another one I haven’t 1ked yet though but I guess that just shows how much it had to offer!

I’m very thankful I had so many decent games to keep me sane between the end of July and December last year!

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  1. Anthony

    Good list, especially Prototype. I just loved how much freedom you had when traversing the city, and getting from point A to point B was fun. It kind of reminded me of the one thing I liked about the Spiderman 2 game; the fun of navigating a concrete jungle without relying on transport.

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