Blog a Day 264of365: …makes Jen a dull girl

At about 8.30am today I nearly wrote my OneADay. That would have been ridiculously efficient of me. To be honest, I just wanted to rant.

I hadn’t gone to sleep until 2am the previous morning having been unable to wind down from getting in from work just before 11pm. At about 8.30am I was rather tired when woken by a text from a workmate asking me if I could come in to work at midday rather than the 8pm that I was originally scheduled to do. It wasn’t her fault at all. The poor thing had a terrible throat infection and needed to go the doctor. It didn’t help my tired mood when as soon as I stood up, I realised my ankle/foot was not coping very well with many days of work in a row. It’s still sore but less swollen. It just feels weak really.

Anyway thanks to being short staffed I ended up going in midday till 2.30ish. Not a long shift by any means but there was something unique about this shift. This was the first time that I was working alone.

I’ve been working there nearly 2 years and I knew what I was doing, it was just the concept of being alone and independent. Everything being down to me, problems and all. It went fine of course. Very smooth sailing in fact. Made quite a change and crucially meant that I was done working by 2.30pm.

Time vanished somewhere though. I had to get some food shopping then by the time I got home I was knackered.

I rested for a while then played Dead Rising 2 for a while. Intending to get on with some writing, I turned my 360 on briefly for no particular reason. A good workmate (well, I guess ex workmate as he’s moved to another store :() was online so we ended up chatting for a while. It was good to catch up.

Throw in cooking some dinner and here I am, 10.30pm and barely anything to show for it. Bugger.

So I’m going to try to get something done. Anything really! I’ve got a day off from the day job tomorrow at least and although I plan on going to the cinema, I’m going to aim for a productive morning at least. Today was far too rubbish an example of bad time management really.