Blog a Day 263of365: All work and no play…

All work and no play makes Jen a dull girl.

In a Shining-esque manner, I keep muttering this under my breath. In fact, it was all that was in front of me for a while. Just a blank text file with simply ‘All work and no play makes Jen a dull girl’ written on it. Staring at me, demanding I write something, anything.

I did get some writing work done today. Not much but enough to appease any guilt. I’m tired though, simply put. A combination of day job work, writing work and lack of sleep has done me in. I’ve still got two more nights of day job work till I get a day off on Wednesday. Then it’s back to another two nights of day job work until I get a precious weekend ‘off’. I say off it’s packed full of sociable plans. To even get to that weekend I’ve got enough day job work and writing work to keep me busy!

I’m hoping beyond hope that this is all a temporary thing. Well, I say all. I like the writing work thing but not the part where my day job, 6 hour contract job turns from 2 nights a week to seemingly every night of the week. As usual though, everything is up in the air with it so we shall see.

My ankle doesn’t seem to exist today thanks to swelling up courtesy of a busy time at work. Walking isn’t that vital though, is it? Oh, it is? Bugger.

Next week is going to be a busy week too considering I’m doing the day job Tuesday and Wednesday then I’m off to London for a few days for Eurogamer Expo and the London Games Festival launch! Can’t complain though as that’ll be good 🙂

Anyway I’m off to go run down a maze chasing after a little kid. *dons insane look*