Blog a Day 262of365: Busy day

Today has felt rather like hard work. I can’t complain too much but as I don’t have any better ideas for a blog entry, I’ll ramble about the day anyhow.

I slept badly and got up to play Dead Rising 2 co-op with a couple of people. It didn’t really work as well as hoped but I had fun with the competitive multiplayer at least. I carried on playing single player after that.

Then came the washing up and a worrying talk about household finances to depress the day. And of course cooking early dinner as I had work. Toad in the hole so at least it was tasty!

Spent a while doing some Resolution related things. Nothing major fortunately.

Then I went to the paid work part of the day which was ridiculously empty and thus dull. The time dragged and dragged. Plus a few rather negative things occurred which wasn’t any help!

So I got home at 10.45ish knackered. Then I spent my time replying to some work based emails and editing and scheduling a review to go up tomorrow morning.

It’s now 11.56pm and I’m writing this. I’m knackered. It’s been a busy old day, especially for a Sunday!

I’d apologise for this being a rubbish entry but sod it, I’m tired!