Blog a Day 261of365: Weekly Roundup

Weekly roundup time as I’ve spent half the afternoon scheduling content for Resolution and I’ve got 30mins before I go to work.

First up was my Considered Gamer column at GamePeople where I reviewed Singularity. I was unimpressed I’m afraid.

Singularity couldn’t match its mature and disturbing subject matter with coherent game play. Time travel, storytelling and shooting never quite get in step as I was buffeted from one to the other. Singularity had all the markings of a game that would be ideal to look at from a Considered approach. But after a promising start, it left me feeling distinctly cold and as if I’d played an imitation of superior FPS games.

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An iPhone review for 148Apps next. This time Attack of the Kraken:

It’s as simplistic title as you’d expect from a side scrolling shooter. You control a small spaceship as you fly across the screen shooting at the giant Krakens and other baddies coming out of the ocean below you. That’s pretty much it. There’s a story but it’s not overly compelling.

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Then there was a review of Final Fantasy IX for VideogameUK:

Final Fantasy IX has bizarrely been a little forgotten by many. It makes no sense considering its ridiculously high review scores at launch and its great commercial success. However, in the mindset of many Final Fantasy fans it’s ignored in favour of 6, 7, 8 and 10. Coming so near to the end of the Playstation One’s lifespan couldn’t have helped either. I was as bad. While I had many fond memories of 7 and 8, I skipped over Final Fantasy 9 to a certain extent – finding myself at 10 on the PS2 instead. Terrible really when you realise that Final Fantasy 9 is absolutely brilliant.

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Another 148Apps review, Hybrid 2: Saga of Nostalgia…

Hybrid 2: Saga of Nostalgia reminds me of Streets of Rage with some basic RPG elements. This is in no way a bad thing as I adored Streets of Rage back in the day, but it is a shame that Hybrid 2 doesn’t have as much depth as I was hoping for.

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One more 148Apps review, Virtual City…

Virtual City oozes charm right from the offset. It’s a bit like SimCity but in a lighter, more cheerful manner that encourages you to keep playing.

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And finally, a review of And Yet It Moves for Resolution. A title that Wii owners really should pick up, excellent stuff.

Ahh the humble physics-based puzzler. It’s a genre that seems to be increasingly popular amongst developers but it’s not always one that succeeds. For every World of Goo, there’s a Drawn to Life – a game that doesn’t quite hit the mark. Fortunately And Yet It Moves is entirely on the right side of good. It’s bordering on brilliance in fact.

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I’m hoping that next week I can focus a bit more on my writing as I feel I’m stagnating a tad which is never good.