Blog a Day 25of365: Judging Films

Thanks to the day job I get to rent a lot of films for free. Rather unsurprisingly this means I watch a lot of films, including a number of dubious delights that I’d never pay money for, but when I can get them for free legally, I figure I might as well.

Much like my gaming habits, I’ll watch pretty much anything providing I’m in the right mood. Having said that, I am terribly judgemental at times.

Last year Taken came out. An action thriller with Liam Neeson essentially killing everyone in his wake in order to save his kidnapped daughter. As much as I enjoy action films I really wasn’t sure about this, I figured it’d be mindless (in the bad way) and a waste of Neeson’s talent. People at work kept raving about how good it was and it was a huge success with the customers, but I kept passing. Until that is a good work mate (sadly no longer working there) virtually forced the DVD into my hand when he was advising me on what to rent. I was polite and figured he was trying to help (it had been a very rough day previously and he knew it) so accepted it. It was brilliant. Sure it was mindless and Liam Neeson was just killing everyone in his wake but it was immensely entertaining. It sounds odd due to the type of film it was but I was so pleased that my workmate had recommended it to me that day. He never asked me how the day was going even though he knew it was a spectacularly rough time, he just made sure that I’d have a good evening where I didn’t have to think. It was the perfect way to spend 90 minutes that day and a film I’ll no doubt rent again at some point.

I also end up renting some total dross that I know will be terrible, but I want to see a film and I can’t find anything better to rent. There aren’t many films that I despise so much that I switch off halfway through but the likes of Disaster Movie and You Don’t Mess With the Zohan were up there. Absolutely awful.

I actually sat through the entirety of the remake of The Day The Earth Stood Still even though I couldn’t stand it. I think I must have been exceptionally tired that night and didn’t even have the energy to accept it was crap and switch it off. Despite my better judgement, I’m currently sat in front of the remake of The Taking of Pelham 123 even though I know it will be terrible in comparison to the original. It was another weekend where I couldn’t find anything to rent. The curses of being restricted with what I’m allowed to rent on certain days of the week. I should have waited till today and picked up 500 Days of Summer (brilliant film that I’ve seen before) or Adventureland or even Gamer (probably very crap admittedly), but no I picked Pelham 123 up and now I feel oddly obliged to watch it.

Once the Oscar nominations are announced next week, I aim to rent whatever I can so that I actually know about the films this year. I’ve seen a few of the more recent likely nominees at the cinema so I should be fairly covered. Last year I watched most of the nominations after the results which wasn’t quite the same. Personally I still don’t understand how Slumdog Millionaire won so many. I was unimpressed by the film which felt too shallow and nowhere near as shocking as it should have been. Then I read the book and realised just how mediocre the film was. Changeling was a far superior film and in terms of other best picture nominees, the same can be said of Milk and Frost/Nixon.

That’s a longer ramble for another day though. I need to go back to my underwhelming film.

2 thoughts on “Blog a Day 25of365: Judging Films

  1. Rachel

    I’m similarly inclined to sit through pretty much any old crap so long as I’m in the right frame of mine! Fortunately Angus is much the same. I’ve lost track of the times my poor bewildered mother has commiserated with me when I cheerfully announce we’re “off to see a really bad film”!

  2. Neil

    Stay well clear of Gamer = one of the worst films i have watched.

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