Blog a Day 259of365: Move along, nothing to see here

Why oh why do I still leave my OneADay until I get in from work? You’d think by now I’d have realised this is a mistake!

Right, need an idea. *digs out 30 days of film blogging*

I’m skipping the character question, I honestly have no idea! Maybe you readers could suggest (nice) characters for me? :p

Anyway, next question is…A movie that you used to love but now hate

Oh crap. Another hard one. I’m quite consistent with what I like and dislike. Even when it comes to things I liked as a kid, I still like them. Actually…

The Ali G movie. I’ve never watched the tv series but for some reason, I used to really like the Ali G movie. To the point that I own it on DVD. It’s pretty awful though. I’ve no idea why I could have ever thought it was ok. It’s ridiculous.

Of course I haven’t seen it in years which makes it tricky to know what else I could say about it. Also I don’t really hate it, I just don’t particularly like it any more. Can you tell I’m floundering here?

See, this is why I should always write my blog entries before work. Instead, I was distracted by the wondrous grindy nature of Recettear and didn’t write this earlier. There’ll be a review of Recettear up at Resolution soonish so keep an eye out for it. It’s certainly an interesting one.

Sod it, I’m going to go play it before bed.