Blog a Day 258of365: Mouse Escapades Finale

I have a splitting headache. I’ve had a splitting headache most of the day and it’s pissing me off. I don’t normally have them but when I do, they’re rather fierce. Presumably my body prefers quality over quantity. So this entry’s going to be a short one.

The mouse escapade is over. I came down this morning to find my Mum rather nervous in the living room. She explained that the cat kept rushing between the fireplace and the curtained area in the kitchen. Went in the kitchen, lifted the curtain and moved a few things. There it was! Poor, cute little mite. Small brown field mouse. Very scared mouse at that.

I shut the living room door and opened the back door in the hope that it’d run that way. It didn’t. It bolted for the living room door then squeaked the place down in panic as it obviously thought it was doomed.

Fortunately I had a towel and scooped it up in that. A tail sticking out, it didn’t move. I think maybe it was expecting death or something. Fortunately for it, I had no such plan!

I quickly walked down the bottom of our long garden and gently let it go near some bushes. It scurried off.

I felt suitably smug. I’d done my good deed for the day and it turns out that my normally very calm mother can’t cope with mice! Finally, something that she’s scared of but I’m not. I’m usually the wimp so it felt good to be ok at something.