Blog a Day 257of365: Mouse Escapades Part Two

Mousewatch is still on. Having spent most of Monday in the living room without hearing or seeing the mouse, I’d assumed it had either died, escaped somewhere or erm…vanished? Yeah, bit dim of me I know.

I spent much of today in the living room also as I was still feeling rough. I happily watched The Hangover while scheduling content for Resolution. All was well, except for the part where I felt crap. Then I started watching Sherlock Holmes. All was well, I felt increasingly tired due to crapness but Robert Downey Jr was on the TV. Good times. As I dozed off I looked down at the carpet…and saw a small field mouse run over to the kitchen. Oh.

It didn’t get far. It retreated behind a curtain that stretches between two cabinets. Hiding amongst the boxes of cat food and fabric softener. Poor mite. So I was stuck with the choice of what on earth to do. My Mum was out, my cat was useless. It was just me and this mouse. I shut the utility room door so that the mouse couldn’t join the guinea pigs. I decided to open the back door in the hope that it might conveniently wander out that way. Finally I shut the living room door so it couldn’t go back there. I couldn’t shut the door properly though so there was a small, mouse sized gap.

You can guess which way it ran. Right back from where it came. Straight under the fire yet again. *sighs*

I set up a makeshift trap while waiting for my Mum to come back. It never reappeared.

We went to Tesco and B&Q in search of a humane mouse trap. Neither store had one. We came home. Still no sign of it.

It’s nearly midnight now and it hasn’t been seen or heard from in nearly 7 hrs. Bastard. The doors will be shut so it’s limited to the living room. Tomorrow we’ll be off to Wilkinson’s in search of a humane mouse trap.

Fingers crossed eh?

In other news…

Bradley Cooper and Robert Downey Jr are equally lovely in entirely different ways.

I managed to get reviews for GamePeople and 148Apps done which was handy.

I briefly played the demo of Recettear and decided that I must buy it. Unfortunate considering earlier today I decided that I must not buy any more games until my birthday in October.

Microsoft started offering 12 month Gold memberships for £24 which is very tempting too.

And erm yes. Interesting day.