Blog a Day 256of365: Mouse Escapades

Last night was an excessively late night. Thanks to day job worries yet again, it was past 12am till I really considered sleep despite being knackered to say the least. I hate feeling so hideously trapped in this situation. It’s just…ugh. Need stability!

Anyway, things took a more interesting turn when the cat went mental. He’d been a bit excessively playful and nuts since I got home from work. I figured he was just having a mad moment. Till I heard a scratching noise coming from one of the cabinets near the sofa. The scratching noise continued and the cat stayed mental. Uh oh. So we dug out a torch and tried to figure out where it was coming from and what it was. My Mum and I aren’t scared of mice but still, who wants a mouse in their house?! We spent till 1.30am looking for it. The living room looks decimated because of it. In the end we came to the conclusion that it crawled under the floorboards. We found a small space it could have managed to get through so it adds up. I say this with the knowledge that we’ve shut all the doors in the house. Just in case.

So yeah, by the time I felt tired/relaxed enough to sleep, it was 3am. One lie in later and a lazy day is going to follow. It won’t be an exceptionally lazy day admittedly. Plenty of emails to reply to, some editing to do and some games to be played.

I’ve got a fair amount of choice (Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep, Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands, HAWX2, Demon’s Souls for instance) but I think I’m going to go with Dead Rising 2. It’s work after all. 😉 And to cheer myself up even further I’m going to order some pizza online. Been ages since I ordered a pizza and I’ve got a huge craving for one. Seems like a perfect, indulgent pick me up.

Here’s hoping it rejuvenates me, I feel in dire need of it and it’s only Monday. Eeek!

Oh and I still can’t find the damn mouse.

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