Blog a Day 255of365: FreeRice

I’m only writing a brief entry today. It’s the weekend after all. Annoyingly I feel under par and I’ve got to go to work shortly. Not a great combination. I’d really rather stay home and play Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep which is fantastic so far. I can’t though so boo.

To make this entry more than just filler, I want to mention FreeRice. It’s a website that offers various quizzes. The list comprises of famous paintings, chemistry, English grammar and vocabulary, geography, French, German, Italian, Spanish and some maths quizzes too. So far, so predictable.

The cool part is that for every correct answer, the site – or more importantly, the site’s sponsors – donate 10 grains of rice through the World Food Programme. It’s a brilliant idea.

I spent a while playing the vocabulary game and besides learning some new words, it was satisfying to feel that I’ve helped in some bizarre way. It was good fun too.

I’ll be trying other subjects when I get home I think. I could do with relearning some German words for one thing and it sounds a good way of doing so.
For now though, I need to go be a corporate drone and hope that 10.30pm rolls round faster than is actually possible!

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