Blog a Day 254of365: Weekly Roundup

Today has been a day of relaxing, winding down from a busy week and a spot of retail therapy too. It’s been good. I feel suitably rejuvenated after a week that was full of writing. Only 4 pieces have gone live this week, with quite a few to come in the next week. I want to go back to Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep so on with the roundup!

First up was a very much delayed iPhone roundup for Resolution. Some not bad games on there at least. Bermuda Triangle, Mushroom Age and Virtual City Free were covered.

A much delayed iPhone roundup at last. I’ve been busy enjoying the summer, or at least sighing at the many heavy rain showers that ruined my plans. On the plus side at least, I now have a shiny new iPhone. No longer is this iPhone columnist stuck with an aging iPhone 2G, instead I’ve got a rather nice iPhone 4 and can finally experience the wonders of 3G. You don’t really care about my Google Map adventures though, you just want to know what the titles reviewed are like this time round. Good news, they’re a sound bunch and well worth a look.

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Then there was Rooms: The Main Building for VideogameUK. It wasn’t great, nor was it that bad. Completely middle of the road fodder.

Rooms: The Main Building is about as exciting as the name suggests. It’s a game full of sliding puzzles. You know those little puzzles you’ve mostly played on a Christmas day after one drops out of your cracker when all you really wanted was a bouncy ball? Yup, those puzzles. If you’ve spent any time playing said puzzles, you’ll realise that it’s quite good fun for five minutes then utterly repetitive afterwards. Rooms: The Main Building epitomises this perfectly.

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More excitingly was my first review for 148Apps. I’m writing iPhone reviews for them and it’s all rather exciting and promising! I started with Carnivores: Dinosaur Hunter.

Carnivores: Dinosaur Hunter is a hunting sim with brains, but it could do with a smoother learning curve. Persevere and it’s fantastically satisfying.

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Finally, my review of Amnesia: The Dark Descent for Resolution. Bloody scary game, simply put!

As a child I absolutely hated the dark. There was a very clear reason behind this: the unknown. I had a very active imagination so, to me, the great unknown was terrifying. Anything could have been out there. Sure it was just my bedroom but what was stopping a huge lumbering monster being out there in the dark? Waiting for me to let my guard down before it struck. Exactly. The dark was scarier than anything I could possibly see in the light, purely down to the potential it offered. Amnesia: The Dark Descent captures this mentality perfectly and ably scares you silly.

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