Blog a Day 253of365: Willpower waning

I’ve got an urge to buy a game tomorrow. I didn’t intend on doing so but thanks to a combination of payday and feeling like I need to be rewarded for a busy week, I feel it’s justified. I’ve got some old games to trade in anyhow which makes it all the more alluring.

I don’t need a game of course. Technically because no one needs games but also because I’ve got plenty to play. It’s not the point though is it? I’m clearly not one of those sensible people who only buys a game when I have nothing else to play. The entire past 25 years of my life is testament to this. Well, probably 20 years or so. I didn’t play games as a baby – I had cuddly toys then.

It’s mostly between two games – two titles that game out today – Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions and Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep. They both have slightly preposterous titles so in my head they are ‘that new Spider-man game and that Kingdom Hearts game’. Sorry that was a dull sentence. Sorry about that.

But yeah, it’s very tempting.

The weekend will be mostly lazy anyway excluding the rubbish day job work on Sunday night so it seems a good time to buy a game.

*eyes to play pile*

I really shouldn’t…

*eyes bank account*

Yup, really shouldn’t…

*eyes lack of willpower*


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