Blog a Day 252of365: Smug

There’s a huge sense of satisfaction when I know I’ve done a good job.

As much as it’s surprisingly time consuming liaising with PRs, writing seemingly countless pieces of work and playing review code, it’s also utterly brilliant. It’s a bit ridiculous too. While there are days where it feels like ‘proper’ work, there are also other days where all you can say is ‘yeah I spent all day playing X game and it was fun’. Sure it’s more involved than that, you have to know what to say in the review after all, plus if it’s a crap game, it makes for a tedious day. It’s still a bit silly though isn’t it, compared to ‘real’ jobs. It’ll be nice the day that I (hopefully) start earning liveable money for all the hard work I put into everything.

The whole point of this entry however is to be smug with myself. Resolution’s got some exciting content going up in the nearish future and excluding some PRs that I still need to get on better terms with, I think I’m getting the hang of this. It’s a great feeling to know that quality articles are going up regularly, that we’re receiving plenty of relevant review code and everyone’s happy basically.

It’s only September but it feels like the content’s just going to grow and grow when it comes to the Autumn rush. It’s excellent to see and rather exciting too. I want the biggest success possible for the site and the team behind it. Already got reviews lined up for two of the biggest releases of September. One’s a particular coup that I’m proud to have arranged.

I’ll stop going on about it now and sounding like a smug git, but I’m just happy with how things are going with the site. The hard work that everyone’s putting in feels like it’s paying off. 🙂

Having said that, roll on the weekend when my to do list is empty and I can enjoy some time off. Even better, Saturday is a total day off as I’ve got no day job to go to that day either! Bliss. 🙂

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