Blog a Day 250of365: Today I have…

Today I have…

…overslept slightly meaning I was constantly chasing my own tail

…felt fully rested at least

…edited, found images for and scheduled the next two days of content for Resolution

…replied to many, many emails. Fortunately most of them were rather interesting

…edited my Singularity review for my GamePeople column

…written a review of Rooms: The Main Building for VideogameUK

…started a review of Dragon Quest IX for VideogameUK

…played four different iPhone games, three for Resolution and one for 148Apps

…played Amnesia: The Dark Descent and scared myself silly

…cleaned out the guinea pigs’ cage

…played with the cat till he was worn out

…played Dead Rising and Dead Rising 2: Case Zero briefly

…went to work to pick up two rentals: Four Lions and Cemetary Junction

…went to Asda to buy the week’s food shopping

…visited a friend for a quick drink

…came home and cooked dinner

…wrote my OneADay

…realised it’s blog entry number 250 and gave myself a virtual pat on the back

…watched Four Lions

…played The Sims 3

…went to bed at a vaguely reasonable time (this may not happen)

2 thoughts on “Blog a Day 250of365: Today I have…

  1. Pete Davison

    Today I have:

    – written a #oneaday

    – packed things into boxes

    – loaded boxes into a van

    – attempted to sleep

    – failed

    – wondered if the remaining stuff will fit in my car

    – cried a bit

    – drunk too much Red Rooster

    – drunk coffee

    – eaten some chocolate buttons

  2. Haly Post author

    Ooh I ate chocolate too!
    Hope the move went ok 🙂

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