Blog a Day 249of365: Therapy

It’s quite strange reading your life in a letter.

I’ll start from the beginning…

As mentioned previously, I effectively got kicked off my Msc course a few weeks back. Managed to get re-enrolled but with the declaration that I had to get my entire dissertation done by 4th October. It’s not impossible I guess, but what’s very, very close to impossible? It’s that. I still need to do a ton of research before I even write anything so basically I was screwed.

I was then told that I could appeal via extenuating circumstances. I’m not convinced I have enough of a good reason though. I do of course, it’s just proving it. Since my Dad died, I have been a mess. A mess trying to get her life into order. I haven’t done the off the rails thing or anything, maybe I should have. Instead I’ve struggled on with everything in my life changing overnight. Not forgetting the psychological effects of seeing someone you love die in front of you. It’s not ideal. Anyway…

The extenuating circumstances form said that you needed evidence from someone in authority. While I’ve seen my family doctor in that time, I’ve never seen a counsellor. My therapy is writing about it. So my Mum’s friend who’s in a rather high powered job for the local NHS Trust has written a letter.

She sent it over a little while ago. It’s powerful stuff. Stuff I already knew of course but there’s something more ‘real’ about it when someone else describes your situation. It feels like a letter I could really do with just taking around with me and handing out to people any time they think I’m being weird about something.

My Mum’s writing a letter next then I’ve got to write something too.

I’m not looking forward to writing my bit. That’s the sort of stuff I like to keep quiet about unless I’m feeling exceptionally strong about things at the time which almost hardly ever happens. Denial’s much simpler!

2 thoughts on “Blog a Day 249of365: Therapy

  1. Rachel

    It is really, really weird seeing your life laid out like that isn’t it. Hope they grant you the extension!

  2. Pete Davison

    While denial may be easier, it will eat you up inside. And no-one wants to be eaten from the inside. You’d end up like something from Alien.

    I jest. Your strength in difficult circumstances has been admirable. It certainly sounds like you have strong grounds for that extension. I hope they grant it.

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