Blog a Day 246of365: A movie that no one would expect you to love

I’d just like to point out that I’m bribing myself with the promise of a chocolate bar to ensure that I write this. I’m tired, oh so tired, which is why I’m reverting to the 30 days of film blogging.

Today is the day of ‘A movie that no one would expect you to love’.

This is a tricky one to answer as there isn’t really a film that no one would expect me to love. There are certain films that certain friends would be surprised to find I enjoy, but there isn’t one film that everyone would be surprised by.

I guess I’m just quite open about what I enjoy, even if other people think it’s crap.

Having had a conversation with a friend earlier though, I realised one film that quite a few people would be surprised to find I enjoy: Mamma Mia.

It’s an incredibly girly film. I don’t really like girly films. Nor do I like musicals very much, especially not traditional musicals where people just randomly burst into song! I should hate Mamma Mia. I only saw it because my Mum wanted to see it so I tagged along.

Something about it clicked though. Maybe it was the incessant optimism. Everywhere in the film was so sunny and breezy. Nothing was sad or miserable. Everything ended ridiculously happily. It was such a fake film in every sense of the word. But sometimes it’s nice to see something that outlandish. It just lightens the mood a tad.

I suspect this is the same sort of boundless optimism that makes High School Musical so popular with kids. It’s so innocent, it’s hard not to see the appeal really.

So yeah, that’s my film for this entry. I reckon most people would be surprised by my enjoyment of it.

4 Thoughts to “Blog a Day 246of365: A movie that no one would expect you to love”

  1. Ashton Raze

    … Mamma Mia is a girly film?

  2. Haly

    Of course it is!

    Er….isn’t it? I’m not good with girly films and their definitions :/

  3. Ashton Raze

    Yeah, of course it is, I was just implying I’m a fan. 😉 Which I am. But then I do love a bit of ABBA.

  4. Haly

    You made me doubt myself! 🙁

    It’s hard not to like ABBA really 😀

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