I’ve found it increasingly difficult to motivate myself into writing my OneADay this week. I think – without sounding like I’m placing blame – it’s because the OneADay crowd has got that little bit smaller. It’s sad to see. Inevitable of course but still a shame. It was excellent fun as a big group. Now though, this week in particular, it feels more like a chore than it used to.

I suspect this is the equivalent of the ‘wall’ that marathon runners face. Obviously writing is a bit easier than running a marathon but it’s the same sort of thing.

I have absolutely no plan on quitting, never fear. I’ve reached 240 odd days after all. I’m well over half way and will carry on. I’ll be pleased when I pass this hump though and the words flow easier.

Maybe I’m just lacking inspiration. I’ve been busy trying to tackle my other writing work after depriving it last week. Lots of words are flowing. Alongside that is a new wave of self doubt as I quietly wonder to myself where I’m going with all this.

As it stands though, I think I should probably just switch my brain off yet again and keep on working. You never know what’s round the corner after all!

Blog a Day 245of365: Disheartened