Blog a Day 243of365: Evenings

Evenings are important in order to wind down. That’s my thinking anyway and if you look at the past couple of weeks, you’ll note that I’ve hardly had any to relax! Even the few where I have been home, I’ve usually been too knackered to actually enjoy.

Today is Tuesday. I have an evening to myself. Hurrah. Yesterday I was at my Aunt’s till quite late, that’s Monday out then. Sunday, Saturday and Friday I was at work. Thursday I was at work until the evening but then went straight to a friend’s for the evening. Wednesday was a good day – I was at the cinema but I was still out till late. Tuesday I was at work. Monday I was home but it was the peak of shiteness. Sunday, Saturday and Friday I was at work…Thursday I was with a friend’s and cinema on the Wednesday.

I can’t remember what happened two weeks ago. It didn’t involve work but still, it was a while ago! This week I’m out both Wednesday and Thursday evening for fun (yay), but then I’m at work Friday until Sunday. Monday I’m out. I have no idea what happens from next Tuesday.

There’s clearly something about Tuesdays isn’t there?

I don’t mean to whine. If I was earning good money, I certainly wouldn’t whine. But as someone who works in retail in the evening and writes like a lunatic in the day, it’s a bit tiring. So evenings are precious.

Evenings are there for unwinding and cooking. Maybe even playing a game for fun, you never know. I’ve eaten terribly for most of the past two weeks. Food has been fuel, not fun. Most of the time I’ve only actually had two meals each day: breakfast and some sort of lunch/dinner thing usually at 3-4pmish before going to work, then returning home at 10.45ish absolutely ravenous.

Today though, I’ve had 2 meals already and am just about to cook the main one! I’m cooking a roast dinner. With plenty of veg, and stuffing, and Yorkshire puddings, and lashing of gravy. It will be good.

Then I’ll go back to eating badly at weird times until next week…Ugh.

Evenings really are important, y’know?

1 thought on “Blog a Day 243of365: Evenings

  1. Rachel

    Hear hear! Evenings and, I might add, weekends. Way too little value is placed on quality downtime nowadays. I certainly notice a huge drop in my overall stamina when I don’t get a proper time out.

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