Blog a Day 242of365: I’m ready for you this week

I finally relaxed today. It was an odd sensation. I can pinpoint the exact moment. I was sitting in my Aunt and Uncle’s living room. It wasn’t an obviously calming moment. My 8 year old cousin was running around the house for some random reason that made all the sense in the world to her. My 10 year old cousin was rambling about something. I can’t for the life of me remember what and I’m not convinced anyone was actually listening. My Aunt and Mum were talking about a night-time walking marathon that my Aunt is participating in at the end of the month. The exhaustion kicked in and I was completely relaxed. To the point that I could have fallen asleep quite easily, even surrounded by all that activity. It was good to just relax and let go.

Unfortunate that I had to regain some energy somewhere so as to drive home but it was liberating.

I’ve survived ‘hell’ week. I knew it’d be hell and it turned out to be worse than I’d anticipated. I survived it though.

Now, I’m back to the writing grindstone. I much prefer that particular grindstone though. I’ve arranged my To Do list for the next four days until the weekend (I always try to keep weekends clear of writing, it rarely happens but it’s a good aspiration) and I’m ready. The Resolution schedule is lined up nicely for the coming couple of weeks. I’m all ready to phone certain people to request review copies. Sorted.

I forgot to mention the other day. I did succumb to my ‘no new game purchases in August’ thing. Having said that, the game won’t arrive until September so maybe that counts? Yeah, ok, I failed. The rate last week went, I think I did well that I only purchased one game. It was a package deal: The Sims 3, Sims 3: World Adventures and some Design and Hi-Tech stuff expansion pack for £25. It was hard to say no. I deserved it I think.

Anyway, this week is going to be a better week. It has to be really. You hear me week? Don’t mess with me. I’m not in the mood!

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  1. You’re a games reviewer. Buying games so that you can play them is almost, like, essential research that has to be done, right?.;)

  2. Haly

    Good thinking, Batman!

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