Blog a Day 241of365: The past week

So it’s been a hell of a week. I’ve been very vague about it up until now but I know a few people are a bit concerned so vent incoming!

First of all, I knew it’d be a manic week as work had given me full time hours thanks to my manager who was leaving for a promotion (he’s gone now, went a week or two ago), giving 3 people the same week off. There are only 7 people working in the store and only 4 out of those 7 can close the shop. Guess which 3 he let go on holiday?
Then my ‘new’ manager (my assistant manager had been promoted and he’s awesome, best manager you could hope for) was told he was being transferred permanently as of this week! So that pissed me off a tad.

Then last weekend my Mum was having a bad time of coping with things, not helped by the fact that I was hardly about as I was working so much. Then the Virgin media box went wrong meaning no TV. The engineer was meant to come out Wednesday. They didn’t. They turned up Friday in the end so no TV for nearly a week!

Also, the two other big things:

I’d applied for a job at my old employer a couple of weeks ago. I wasn’t sure if I really wanted it but I was offered an interview. I turned it down because it looked like the good manager at work was staying and I really wasn’t sure about changing jobs. Then they called me again Wednesday to offer me another interview. I took it this time. Had the interview Friday, went brilliantly. Was offered the job by Friday lunchtime. I had a huge dilemma then as I really didn’t want to leave my current workmates even though the other job paid better and had more sociable hours. Then my manager announced that he was only going to a different store for 3 months and he’d be back permanently then. HUGE dilemma by then! Hardly slept worrying about what to do.

Saturday/yesterday I get a phone call saying my job offer had been withdrawn due to my past performance at the firm not being up to scratch!! I was furious. I wasn’t fussed about the actual job but I was furious as I have no idea what the problem is and as far as I know, my managers all loved me. I still keep in touch with them now, 4 years later. Also it turns out it’s possibly illegal for them to keep my records that long anyway (Mum’s friend’s daughter works in HR so knows the ins and outs – I might be checking the ACAS website to confirm later). Really annoyed I have a black mark against me somewhere though.

On the plus side, I’m ok where I am and my workmates are brilliant, but it’s the principle of it all really.

Finally, the other thing to go wrong: I effectively got kicked off my Msc course. I’m appealing it as I should still have another year to complete it (which in itself feels insurmountable but I feel like I owe it to my Mum and Dad) but it’s not looking good at all.

So since last weekend, it feels like a hell of a lot has changed yet returned straight back to where I stood last week as well! I guess at least it means I appreciate my workmates that bit more again. The other stuff though – ugh.

It’s been a hell of a week.

2 thoughts on “Blog a Day 241of365: The past week

  1. Rachel

    Aw honey, what a week! Glad there are bits of it you can at least appeal, but ugh! Sounds utterly miserable.

  2. Pete Davison

    Ugh seconded! That is a horrible week indeed. It’s been a tough time for a lot of people recently. Here’s hoping the upcoming week is better for you, and anyone else who’s suffering the after-effects of rubbishness.

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