Blog a Day 240of365: Dusting myself off

I’m not one for buzz words and motivational sayings that ultimately mean sod all, but dusting myself off seems to be the best thing for me to do at the moment.

It’s been an absolute hell of a week. I knew it would be hectic with lots of shifts at work but I didn’t anticipate all the other things that would go a bit wrong.

A very difficult first weekend for reasons I won’t go into. Also the TV/Virgin Media box went wrong which was surprisingly stressful. Thanks to Virgin’s incompetence it took until Friday morning to fix so nearly a week without TV. Grrr!

Something much bigger than that went really wrong mid week. I’ll be boringly elusive and say I won’t go into details just yet but it’s left me in a very awkward position. I’m waiting to hear back as to where to go from here if anywhere.

And then, the really chaotic thing. Something I didn’t expect appeared on Wednesday afternoon and I didn’t know what to do. This reappeared Friday leaving me with a rather difficult decision all through Friday meaning I slept like crap. Then this afternoon the opportunity was taken from me. Lovely eh?

Funnily enough though, at the moment I feel more relief than anything which probably sums it up perfectly.

While I’m off to work in about 30 minutes, I feel quite calm and collected. The first time I’ve felt this way all week! So that’s rather nice.

I’ve got to return to focusing on my writing now and dear old Resolution. While Steve’s been keeping things running smoothly, I’ve not been paying enough attention to the site this past week. No more of that. I’m back in business and just in time for the start of the Autumn rush.


Pssst: all this positive thought is very much subject to change depending on what other things go a bit wrong for me!

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  1. Crap all seems to happen at once, doesn’t it? I know the feeling. Hope things pick up for you soon.

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