Blog a Day 239of365: A movie that is a guilty pleasure

I need an OneADay idea. This week has felt like a challenge in many ways. One of these reasons is when it comes to knowing what to write about.

My brain is a fuzzy mess. It’s leaping from one idea to another and doesn’t seem to have the vaguest clue what’s for the best. Too much has happened I think. My brain can’t cope with just how much has changed in a mere few days. A lot of soul searching is required I think.

For now though, ‘A movie that is a guilty pleasure’. I don’t have much guilt when it comes to the films I enjoy admittedly. If I like it, I like it. I’m not going to feel ashamed of it!

I think rather than one specific film, it’s more that I have an actor that is a guilty pleasure….oh but wait that means I just ramble about Bradley Cooper again and I’ve already done that.

In which case my guilty pleasure is the humble zombie movie. I’ll watch mostly anything with zombies in it. I was like this before the rest of the world decided that zombies had to be a part of absolutely everything so ha! I’m an innovator…probably. Many, many zombie films are pretty atrocious. I forgive them though. Except The Crazies, not true zombies, but that ending was terrible.

The original Dawn of The Dead is my favourite. And from a different perspective, Shaun of the Dead is one of my all time favourite films. In fact I think I might go watch it now. You never know. It might put my problems into perspective.