Blog a Day 236of365: A change as good as a rest?

Lots of ranting is tempting. It really, really is.

I’d best not though. At least not for now. I’m tired for one thing, it can’t be sensible to rant while tired.

As you might have noticed, this is a very late entry. It still counts of course, I haven’t been to bed yet. However blogging after 12am isn’t my usual habit!

It was a long shift at work and I’ve been trying to unwind since. It hasn’t really helped. Fortunately I’ve got a day off tomorrow so sleep isn’t quite as vital as it could have been. My brain’s still racing as it was just me and one other workmate manning the shop last night and it was very, very hectic!

I survived of course. Somehow. No work again until Thursday and it’s a much shorter shift then thankfully! I won’t mention the weekend as that’s mental.

It was however very nice that my efforts were recognised by a phone call to see how things were going from my manager. Unexpected but much appreciated. Amazing what a difference to your morale something like that can do.

Pity I suspect a lot of big changes are coming very soon which I’m not looking forward to in any way.

Why does everything have to change eh? While some change can be good, sometimes I’d really like for things to stay the same.

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