Blog a Day 234of365: A movie that you hate

Not wishing to sound boring but hate is a terribly strong word. I can’t really think of a film I hate. If I don’t like something, I just don’t watch it. For the most part I wouldn’t really say any film is so insipid that it deserves hatred. However my least favourite film that I’ve seen to completion is Days of Thunder.

It was a close run thing between that and Top Gun. I can see why people like Top Gun though and I’ve seen a lot worse really so it has to be Days of Thunder. It felt like the exact same story to me with Tom Cruise playing the exact same part only without the cheesy goodness. It was awful and I very nearly fell asleep. Generally I try to find redeeming features but I can’t think of any. I suppose it meant that Nicole Kidman got to meet Tom Cruise and now they’re happily….oh yeah. Yeah, no redeeming features at all.

My opinion of it probably isn’t improved by the fact that an ex of mine adored Days of Thunder (funnily enough, a different ex adored Top Gun so I had to watch that too!) so I had to watch it with him. I should have known then that we were doomed not to last. He had pretty dodgy film taste and Days of Thunder summed this up perfectly.

Other than that though, I’m sticking to the ‘hate is too strong a word’ thing because it really is! It’s the sort of word I’d reserve for evil dictators or something.

1 thought on “Blog a Day 234of365: A movie that you hate

  1. Pete Davison

    The Days of Thunder game on the Atari ST was really good, largely because it completely ignored the plot and focused on producing a decent stock-car racing game.

    Worst film I’ve seen? It’s a close-run thing between Hulk (which most people can agree was terrible) and Predators (which I seem to be alone in thinking was rubbish).

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