Blog a Day 233of365: A busy week ahead

Typically I work at my day job for between 8-10 hours a week. This suits me fine. It just about pays the bills while giving me plenty of time to pursue the writing thing. Perfect. The balance has been erm unbalanced (I’m tired, can’t think of a better word, sorry!) though.

My rota for the next week involves me working every day from tomorrow until next Sunday (and I’m expecting to work next Monday too, but it hasn’t been confirmed yet) with one day off on Wednesday. This makes for 30+ hours. Quite a change for someone used to working a meagre 8hrs or so, even 4hrs some weeks! I had quite a busy To Do list to contend with too with a fair few reviews to work on. This is all being put on hold bar one review that’s pretty near to completion anyhow after a ridiculous amount of time playing it this past week. I know if I even try to get all the other stuff done, my head will explode and I’ll be too stressed out. Fortunately none of the work had a deadline set in stone and all was voluntary work where I have a good relationship with my editor (or in the case of two things – I’m the editor!)

On the plus side, money will be rather nice! Admittedly I’ve already spent it – it can go towards a phone upgrade very soon. But it’s handy to be able to afford it of course.

I’ll be very pleased when I go back to my usual hours from next week though.