Blog a Day 231of365: A movie that changed your opinion about something

Shutter Island

For a very long time, I couldn’t stand Leonardo DiCaprio. Admittedly I hadn’t seen many of his films previously: Titanic and Romeo & Juliet to be exact. Both of these films I watched because I had to. Romeo & Juliet when I was a GCSE student and it was a useful way of absorbing the information and Titanic when I was a first year at University and a politics module required me to watch it and A Night to Remember and compare the way the different classes were represented in both films.

I hated Titanic. I’d spent the previous 6 years avoiding it at all costs. This was despite my friends raving about how wonderful Leonardo DiCaprio was in it and how beautiful the story was. And of course that bloody song. It was a crap, overlong film with a very silly ending (there was plenty of room for him on that makeshift raft!).

So yeah. I didn’t really rate DiCaprio after that and just found him intensely annoying.

When I saw the trailer for Shutter Island, it looked brilliant however. So I went to see it. I loved it. More importantly, I’d finally accepted that actually Leonardo DiCaprio was a really good actor. He’d clearly grown into himself and he didn’t even make me want to punch him repeatedly.

Since then I’ve watched Catch Me If You Can, The Aviator, The Departed, Body of Lies and Inception. Brilliant in all.

I clearly judged him too harshly all those years ago. He deserves all the praise he gets.

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