Blog a Day 230of365: Good Time

I had an absolutely lovely day yesterday. The kind of day that I’m now thinking ‘Can’t I just go back to that instead of the real world?’. No doubt my friend is thinking similar considering she’s working at the local A&E for 9 hours today so I can’t complain too much!

Leaving the house at 1.30ish I didn’t actually expect to be out till 11ish which is why last night’s entry was rather rushed.

First of all we went looking for somewhere for my friend to have her nose pierced. I don’t have anything pierced and have no real interest in it so it was an interesting experience for me! We ended up at Blue Banana, a place that I’ve walked past many, many times (I used to work next door!) but never actually stepped into. Its window has always been rather intriguing but I’ve never really had the nerve to walk right in. Turns out it’s an incredibly welcoming shop. So welcoming in fact that two of the staff members enthusiastically asked me where I got the Sonic the Hedgehog t-shirt I was wearing as they loved it! Really didn’t expect that at all. I expected to feel out of place in such a place!

Then we headed to Chiquitos where copious amounts of Mexican food was consumed while we talked about things that had happened to both of us in the past year. I’m envious to say the least considering the various adventures she had. She travelled across Australia, New Zealand, Thailand, Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam. It sounded amazing.

We went to the cinema after that. We saw The A-Team. Brilliant film, converted her entirely to the wonders of Bradley Cooper too 😉

It was a good day in all. Now to try to figure out where we can meet up next. She’s got her rota and I’m getting mine later on today, hopefully a day off or evening off will coincide!

Best of all, it revitalises me a little. Makes me feel like a person that could do anything if I wanted to. It’s a good feeling 🙂

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  1. Was the T-Shirt TAILS!? Please say it was Tales…

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