Blog a Day 22of365: Indian banquet night

I cooked a huge Indian banquet of a meal earlier tonight as a return to ‘proper’ cooking. It was delicious if I do say so myself. I did Chicken Korma, Tandoori Chicken, basmati rice, vegetable samosas, onion bahjis and peshwari naan. Admittedly the samosas, bahjis and naan were shop bought but making those from scratch is on the cards for the future. I’m no great cook but it was all a doddle to do.

I’m rubbish at accuracy with recipes but here’s the rough gist anyhow. Some readers may recognise it as it’s a Jamie Oliver recipe 🙂

Chicken Korma

2 chicken breasts
Korma curry paste – in my case tonight, it was a shop bought jar: Patak’s to be exact
400ml tin of coconut milk
400g tin of chickpeas
2 tablespoons of dessicated coconut
handful of flaked almonds
chillis/chilli powder to taste
2 onions

Cut the chicken into chunks. Put in a saucepan along with 2 chopped onions and a drizzle of olive oil. Brown the chicken. Add the tin of coconut milk, drained chickpeas, curry paste, flaked almonds, dessicated coconut and chilli powder/chillis.

Then take the coconut milk tin and fill it quarter of the way/half way up with water depending on how thick you want the curry, add that to the saucepan. Mix everything in.

Bring to the boil and leave to simmer for about 30mins. Eat and enjoy 😉

The Tandoori chicken recipe is courtesy of Rhiarti so check it out on her blog. It’s absolutely delicious!  I’ll certainly be cooking it again.

I’m absolutely stuffed but it was a good evening’s food. I had some potentially worrying news earlier so I needed cheering up.

The plan for the next Indian night is to add bombay potatoes (cooked that once before) and make my own curry paste which looks simple enough.

2 thoughts on “Blog a Day 22of365: Indian banquet night

  1. Rachel

    Ohhh that looks absolutely heavenly! I’m such a sucker for a good korma. What a fabulous feast!

  2. Lewis

    So I always fuck up my Indian cookery. When I’m not using a paste, at least. Hope that doesn’t put you off your attempt.

    I always either end up not frying the spices enough, so the thing ends up being spicey but without any of those lovely aromatic scents. OR, I fry the shit out of them, and they burn, and end up tasting of literally nothing.

    Any tips on this?

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